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“Ken designed an exceptional yoga program that is uniquely your own. Sometimes the teacher, sometimes the coach, and at times the humorist. I know I am in the presence of a specially informed master. In a world that is losing its way, you are a compass for compassion. Your teachings are enlightened by timeless wisdom, simple to understand, and sensible to apply. I have discovered an intersection of the mind, body and soul that has previously alluded me. A sincere thank you for dedicating your life to fostering calm in the tyranny of the urgent.” – John Hopkins

“I’ve been working with Ken for almost 3 years now, initially prompted by a series of unfortunate health scares that forced me to re-evaluate my “full speed ahead” lifestyle. Working with Ken has improved every aspect of my life; I eat healthier, I sleep better, I pay more attention to what goes into my body, I’ve learned to be more patient and gentle with those around me and especially myself, and most importantly, I always listen to what my body is telling me. This may be as simple as hearing my body telling me to rest or breathe, or relax. Doing yoga with Ken is fantastic, but what I’ve gained goes way beyond ‘downward dog”…It’s given me a whole new perspective on who I am and who I should strive to become.”  – W. Wei

“As a novice to Yoga and its teachings, I was initially looking for something to help me with my slow but steadily decreasing joint flexibility with age. At 60 years young, I didn’t want to give up the sports and the active lifestyle I enjoyed. I remember thinking it would be great if I could gain some improved flexibility with yoga. However, what I ultimately received from Ken as a teacher was so much more. It was more of a lifestyle change. He opened my mind to different approaches to everyday life. I was taught the mantra: “Release the body, Access the mind. Release the mind, Access the heart. Release the heart, Access the soul.” In other words, he helped me realize that Yoga was not only about learning and holding a pose. With time and patience, it was more about adopting a better way to live. The changes in me have been noticeable to me, and my family. It’s a slower process than my type-A personality initially hoped for… but I’m gradually changing for the better. And, yes I am gaining some joint flexibility!” – Bob

“Exhilarating and life changing is how I would describe working with Ken.   I stumbled upon a class that Ken taught, hot yoga.  It was amazing.  Ken pushed my physically and mentally.  He had us in poses that forced you to breathe and focus in order to get through the pose.  He also added a lot of humor to our session.  I feel so honored to be able to share this journey with him.  He has pushed me, exhilarated me and changed my life in so many wonderful ways.” – Dahlia 

“It’s hard to describe how good of a teacher Ken is. Ken has a profound desire to disseminate the teachings of Yoga to everyone he comes in contact. Not only does Ken take painstaking care to teach the proper poses, he explains in detail what each pose is working on in your body and what you can get out of specific variations/modifications. He gives attention to all of us and it is instrumental in making our individual practices more relevant. He makes you a better Yogi.” – Renata

Five years ago I was unhealthy.  I did not exercise and my diet consisted of meat, dairy, alcohol and junk food and my body was falling apart, constantly achy and tired and I was severely overweight.

Under Ken’s amazing compassionate guidance, he not only educated me but helped me in the transition of a lifetime. I managed to change my diet and my lifestyle along with expanding my emotional and spiritual perspectives.

Ken supported me and provided guidance and through this I started a plant based diet.  It was overwhelming at first and definitely took some getting used to. But within two weeks I felt more energetic and my weight began to drop.  From that day forward with Kens knowledge and support I developed a plant based diet and never looked back

Ken introduced me to yoga and I began to do yoga 5 times per week.  In addition my daughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis.  Ken was instrumental in developing a yoga program to help her, to help our family, avoid what appeared to be an inevitable surgical intervention.

Within 6 months my daughter had progressed to such a degree that surgery was no longer even considered and the use of a brace was minimal. It was a true success story.

It’s been five years and with Kens help I have lost 40 pounds, my blood pressure normalized, and my cholesterol numbers moved into a healthy range.  I am grateful for Ken’s help and I would have never been able to accomplish this without him. – Steve Colebaugh

Yoga Retreat Testimonials

Metta 2023 Belize Yoga Retreat – “I connected deeper with my practice, had great conversations with an amazing group of people all surrounded by the beautiful beaches of Belize, do the Metta thing, change your life!!”  – Shawn

Belize Retreat 2023 – “Incredible learning experience! You will feel nurtured and supported in your yoga practice.”  – Michelle