My approach is a practical and comprehensive system to provide the need-to-know facts for a solid understanding of how the human body works.

As a practitioner you’ll get to experiment with familiar poses approached from a new direction.

As a teacher you’ll take this knowledge and see exactly how to apply it in class.

It’s not necessary to memorize hundreds of muscles and bones to apply science to yoga.

It will be best to try and focus on one aspect of a pose at a time..  The word for focus in Sanskrit is Drishti and that is what you want to do.  This will help you in not getting overwhelmed by the subject matter and allow a deeper level of understanding.

Practicing yoga is an exploration of our individual bodies, minds and spirituality.  Each practioner needs to find their own best interpretation of each of these components and our job as instructors is to facilitate that journey.

Anatomy describes the structure of how our body is physically put together, physiology explains how all the components of the human organism work, individually and together, to maintain life.